A modern house for a family of four that nestles into a steep site, bridging the junction between agrarian landscape and the town of Brampton, Cumbria.

Three single storey blank gables face the road, with a glazed link between volumes indicating the entrance by framing part of the view. The larch cladding runs from the exterior through into the interior lining the link so that it feels like an external covered space separating the two main volumes.

The house nestles into the very steep existing slope so that it is single storey to the street but two stories to the view of the rolling landscape. Externally, the house is finished in horizontal larch rainscreen cladding to the walls with all gutters and down pipes concealed creating a modern agricultural aesthetic. All the materials for the project were carefully chosen to reduce the carbon footprint.

The entrance storey contains all the reception rooms which are arranged around a central square courtyard which is orientated towards the key vista and accessed on two sides by large sliding glass doors with flush thresholds encouraging inside/outside living. The three bedrooms are placed at lower level all with expansive views. There is a large open plan living area with a vaulted ceiling, three scissor trusses overhead indicate the zones of kitchen, dining and living. 

Photography by David Barbour

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